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Some of my favourite non-plane Models

All free, unless otherwise stated



Intriguing Iron Furnace by Anthony Stevens on 
Lovely SNOWFLAKE on .   Choose your size!!

The world of Crystal forms, on & also

All the 7 crystal systems, and 32 crystal classes.

Chess pieces, at



Delightful figures at Canon Creative Park's

Lovely Kon-Tiki Model
Mediaeval Trebuchet

Wonderful paper clock, and costs about 25US$

Another lovely paper clock, the book costs about 12US$


Wonderful gadget, which fools many. Original beautiful wooden model in the Galileo Museum in Italy.


The WWII German M4 Naval Enigma Code Encrypting Machine

There is a free and paid version. Fantastic project!


The Cryptex, of Dan Browne's Davinci Code .

Ed Bertschy's Cello. Such a pity that his web site no longer seems to exist - he had so many fine models. As he had no objection to his models being distributed, you can download the pdf file here.
From Canon Creative Park, at  

....... and to finalise the trio, a piano at 


This is an interesting mechanism, used in the watch and film industries


Wonderful Fabergé eggs, using interesting techniques for the ovoid shape. egg


The Hubble Telescope, from the Hubble site and designed by noted paper modeler Ton Noteboom of Rozenburg. Marvellous but not for beginners


Earth Science 3D Paper Models and Toys - educative and amazing, linked list of free to download sites, put together by the California Geological Survey.


Lunar globe on Canon's ... 



An impressive Chinese Dragon, by Canon. Only the fire is missing! 


Nodding Donkey, or Pumpjack. Anyone know of any other paper models of this?

.. and on the same site, a Paper Balance.


Magnificent Ed Bertschy's Steam Engine 



A working pinhole Hasselblad camera, even you can own one!


My Travelling Sundial design.

In ancient times, Sun clocks in mini-format were already known in the East, and during the 15th century became widely dispersed in Europe, especially in Germany, France and England.

During the 15th and 16th centuries multi-faced Sun clocks were the rage. One example is given below. They had the advantage of being used without the need of a compass. The 'cube' was correctly aligned to the South, when all surfaces gave the same time.

Stefano Bonsignori, a monk, probably made the one presented, and it was beautifully hand-painted on a pergament surface. It was designed to be "accurate" for a latitude of 45°, but can be used for latifudes between 50° and 40°. Some of the clocks were quite complex, and could be used for different latitudes The times given are in Local Time (ie noon is set at 12 o'clock).


Download here.


US Coast Guard Response Boat, by Petunjuk Perakitan.

Lovely project, lovely boat, on.....